About Us

Kim Clouse is considered among the top consultants for Automotive companies and car dealers in the united States, and has been involved with automotive internet sales for over 20 years. Kim won the first Lemons to Lemonade Award given at Digital Dealer. Kim also spoke at the 4TH Digital Dealer Conference in Orlando, Fl., the 5TH in Grapevine Texas in 2008, and the 6th in Las Vegas in 2009.

At the 6th conference, Clouse moderated one of the roundtable discussion for Internet Sales Managers. He spoke in the General Session to open the conference and was in separate breakout sessions about Automotive Digital for Auto Dealers and Internet Sales Managers from across the United States.

He is the founder of I Auto Consultants, assisting dealers with results that increase the bottom line and processes that remove waste.

Kim Clouse now returns to i Auto Consultants and teaching people the basics of selling properly, using all of these cool new digital tools.

Clouse has been a member of the Southeast Toyota Pro's at the Master Level, GM Mark of Excellence - multiple years, Cadillac e-certified and Honda i-certified.

His past dealership training experience includes all GM makes, Honda, VW, Mazda, Toyota, Ford and Hyundai.

Clouse was also on the Council for Internet Sales Certification for the AAISP created by Digital Dealer Magazine.

Kim Clouse hosts Clouse on Cars, Automotive Reality Discussions streamed live or recorded for more discussion. We can include individual dealer live stream training, or visit individual dealers for onsite training. 

Clouse on Cars also involves occasional interaction with dealership professionals and like minded automotive professionals as Co-Hosts from across the United States.

We try to include all areas of the dealership but the focus is auto sales, service, customer satisfaction and retention.