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Welcome to i Auto Consultants

Your dealership deserves training and resource tools that will help elevate you to the next level of success.
Your sales and management staff will benefit from training on many of the best processes and strategies used by the most successful dealers.
i Auto Consultants can provide expert training live at your dealership, or via one on one pre-scheduled video conferences.
Kim Clouse has proven experience with developing better online presence and increasing digital sales results for dealerships nationwide.

How We Do It:

  • Industry-Leading Experts
  • Digital Sales Marketing and Training In Store
  • Live Pre—Scheduled One on One Video Conferences When Required
  • With the evolving landscape of digital communication, and online marketing, focus is shifting to helping each individual Internet Shopper.

Search Engine Optimization

Welcome to i Auto Consultants, experienced professionals dedicated to assisting dealers with streamlining the car buying and selling process. We offer various services including eAuto-safe, FTC Safeguards, customer data security, internal network, devices, helping dealers improve their compliance, increase their security, profits, and provide the best possible experience for their customers.
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Local SEO

How is local SEO different than organic SEO? The answer is location focus.
Auto dealerships know that most sales happen with customers residing locally. Helping dealerships capture the most local available audience is crucial.
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Facebook Marketing

While TV, radio, and print ads are crucial for balanced customer focus, the future belongs to Customer Service and Social Interaction. Social Media and AI are changing the world of marketing and communicating.
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